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Buds Bridge Gallery

Here, you will find some pictures of the Bud Reitmeyer Bridge.

It is located on Indiana state road 241 between Monroe City, Indiana and Wheatland, Indiana.

It is a slabtop bridge, meaning that is a poured in place reinforced concrete bridge.  After driving piling in each bent, falsework is driven, or set into place and forms are placed on the false bents, and then just one concrete pour is made to complete the bridge.

In this case, there are actually three bridges built.  The first is the temporary bridge that will allow traffic to continue while the permanent bridge is being built.  This also means that a temporary roadway must be built as well.  After the traffic is switched onto the temporary roadway and bridge, then the construction on the falsework piling and forming can begin.  Once the falsework is complete, the new concrete can be placed in the forms and properly cured.  Once the concrete is properly cured, all of the falsework forms and supports can then be wrecked out, and traffic can then be diverted back onto the new bridge.  Once the traffic is back onto the new bridge, the temporary bridge and roadway is taken out.

So, not only are there three bridges built, but then there are two of them torn back out….all that to build just one bridge and not disturb the motoring public any more than is necessary.