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We have worked on this bridge between Wheatland and Washington Indiana for may years, but it finally got some state and federal funding so that it could be finished up with a nice coat of paint as well.


Crossing the west fork of the White River near Wheatland Indiana

Knox County Bridge #45 near Wheatland Indiana


The West  end, or Knox County end was raised almost 3 feet while the grade on the road was also cut down to lessen the impact of traffic as it approached the bridge.  Most of the roadway and dirt that was removed from the East side was taken across the bridge in smaller dump trucks and the East approach to the bridge was filled up to allow for a flat approach to the bridge as opposed to the old steep approach that was there.

Also added were heavy tube railing above and below the existing Lattice rail to reinforce the sides of the bridge in case of accidents.  Some sections of the old lattice rail were replaced with new sections, along with most of the old railing that was reused had to be straightened.

Raising up the West end required careful jacking and supporting of the ends of the truss and then adding on to the old abutment , this also required the building of a deadman of concrete to help retain the new section of abutment from moving.
At the next pier, the ends of the truss were raised 9 inches to maintain an even slope of the entire bridge.  Again the ends of the trusses from two spans had to be jacked up and supported while new concrete was poured under the bearing assemblies.