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Wilsons Bridge

The Wilson Bridge is a Lafayette Bridge company through truss bridge that high above Deer Creek, it has an overall length of 122 feet.


The bridge has a rather unique floor, made of wood, with running boards that span all the way across the width of the bridge, and are solid with gooved edges in the boards, to make it safer and easier for the many Amish buggies that are in the area and use the bridge quite often.

This bridge required replacing the bottom section of all of the end posts, which requires some special supports, so the replacement of the very ends of the end posts and feet, or bearing assemblies can be performed without endangering the bridge.  Also replaced were all of the floor beams and the deck stringer beams.

Ross Brown, a local blacksmith was on the job replacing many of the rivets in the tried and true, old fashioned way of heating up the rivets and ‘bucking’ them to  hold the different pieces of steel together.  He also made up the new lattice railings that look so good along the sides of the bridge.
While the new lattice railing allowed the bridge to keep an old and historic look, added, were stronger, square steel tubing both on and off the ends of the bridge to make travel safer for not only the passing motorists, but to protect the bridge as well.

This bridge project also required some roadwork on each end of the bridge, with added blacktop to widen at the ends a little to make the roadway safer. On one end of the bridge, the county road had a rather steep grade, that was rebuilt and reduced, to make the road/bridge safer.

Wilson Bridge over Deer Creek

Wilson Bridge in Carroll County Indiana