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Pekin Bridge

A King Bridge Company bridge dating back over 100 years, we replaced the floor system, and repaired, and/or replaced some bent and broken pieces as well.


The existing floor system consisted of original floor beams with replaced stringer beams and a corrugated metal deck on top of the stringer beams and a blacktop overlay on top of the metal deck.  The metal deck was welded down to the stringer beams, then the blacktop was laid directly on the metal deck.  This was a common “fix” years ago for many iron bridges.  These days there is more time spent trying to rebuild these iron structures as original as possible, so they look and function as they did many, many years ago.  This sometimes meets with some opposition from modern day farmers, because it restricts much of today’s farming equipment, and will not support the modern day weights of todays vehicles.   Many times this still makes it possible for cars and light trucks to travel a shorter distance to commute.

Pekin Bridge

The Pekin Bridge in Pekin, Indiana